About Us

Bravo Bakery was founded in St. Paul in 2005 by Mrs. Tina Lin and is located on Grand Avenue & Lexington Avenue. Tina started her food retail experience in the mid-80s in a Chinese restaurant as a waitress. By early 90s, she co-owned a successfully Chinese take-out restaurant in the heart of New York City, Manhattan serving hundreds of customers each day. She brings with her 20 years of food retail experience to Bravo! Bakery.

The bakery is well known for its signature products –Cream Puff and Mango Cakes. It is a full service bakery offering a wide selection of baked goods including anniversary cakes, wedding cakes, cream puff, sponge cheese cake, mango cake, and some dairy free products.

The bakery offers a wide variety of fresh cream cake flavors and sizes for different occasions, baked fresh to order. Cream is made from scratch using real whip cream. Flavor choices include vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mango, pineapple, green tea, kiwi, peach and Mocha